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What is a Tiktok Clone ! Well, TIKTOK has earned the reputation of being an application for video dubbing & video sharing for years. The awesome features of the tiktok app have marked a revolution in the social media world. It is the biggest player with 112 million times downloads globally in May alone. This App was named Musically & later changed to Tiktok. TikTok allows brands to engage with users through short videos. Innumerous Business brands have created accounts on the platform to explore and engage with consumers. Tiktok has massive count of influencers & celebrities & this is why it is so popular. Any businessman can display ads & do branding & lead generation over the platform. Tiktok akka Musically is a genuine real estate for business growth. And that brings a big reason to own a tiktok app script.

Features of a Tiktok Clone

Users can create their own unique Content on TikTok

Our Tiktok clone have awesome features to engage users to keep them happy.

Song Tracklist

For the users, There are so many options available from uploading a song of choice & telling an awesome story with the video feature. It is superb for other controls of speed regulation from slow to fast.

Pictures and Stickers with Filters

For making the video genuinely unique, there are the features of adding pictures or stickers with special filters. After editing the video completely, the user can share on their profile or to other profiles on TIK TOK. Video making is an art & TIKTOK Clone App ease it for everyone by giving you features of beatiful variations of stickers with mesmerizing filters. Shape your videos for better user engagement . Form a community with the video sharing option on TIKTOK look alike app itself.

Channel Creation Feature of TIKTOK Clone APP

Create your channel like Youtube to keep it distinguished & market your brand among the crazy fun loving audience. And keep your content for public or friends views with private settings option.

Multi sharing your videos

Now this option is the best for bigger growth , as you can share your video through this Tiktok clone application. This way you can more eyeballs to your story.

Newsfeed Feature of TITOK APP SCRIPT

Newsfeed feature is great like other social media apps. Users can view the videos based on the category & followers base in a particular profile.

Views/ Likes/ Comments

Users can view, like, or comment on the post from various user-profiles and channels and also are given the choice of commenting on the post they liked.

Additional Settings Feature

Through additional settings, users can edit their profile, view detailed supplication description, even can invite their family members or friends for registering in TIK TOK clone application.

Report user

For suspicious content posting via the application and for maintaining the standard of the application report, user feature is most important. Maintaining the quality of the application reporting of doubtful users is necessary.

Promote Your Content with Group Chatting

It comes with another amazing feature where Users can create their own group of their friends and families where all the members can even share media like photos and videos. Isn’t it superb for promoting your content. Want to know about the other promising social media & content applications 2020

Search Engine friendly

The application developed by the team of Blackbud Software has built-in SEO features that help to achieve better ranking on the play stores for enhanced visibility.

The app development team is the backbone of the agile software development company that has added value to the industry.

View profiles

This feature helps to view user profile quickly based on the preferences. So you get to know, who likes what & how much. Regular newsfeed updates are available for the profiles that carry big follower base.

Media Attachment Feature In Chats

The users can connect their photos and videos and share them with other users via chat media. Even the generated videos can be downloaded to any platform and can be shared by attaching the media in the chat options.

Multi-lingual Feature

Enjoy content in many languages & spread vides of inspiration, excitement, playful activities apart from videos on demo, product display or brand introduction.


Launch New Business

Tiktok clone script is very powerful & robust when it comes to technology enrichment. It allows the user to have full control over video visualization with many editing effects & features. The Big Community of Tiktok clone script users love interacting over the platform & provides an enduring social experience . Watch Top 10 viral tiktok videos Spreading love, sharing sentiments, fun activities, real life reels add to the glory of App user who love spending a fair time doing activities that give them a feeling of involvement, freedom ,acknowledgement , recognition & feedback about self or brand improvement from each & every aspect of business. Try to maintain a positive ORM for good alleviation & consistency. The optimum video rendering , the image resolution, the versatility of interest levels based communities & groups have shaped the tremendous popularity of the tiktok look alike mobile application . Learn about 4 ways to use tiktok for business. With our enterprise application development expertise, pl ask us to develop an agile tiktok app script & spread your business. Interested in learning app development then read best cross platform app development blogs 2020

TIK TOK Clone Script is a blessing for Admins

A multi-functional consolidated dashboard is an extra-ordinary feature for all administrators. Excellent to analyse whats happening over the app. Superb for user experience enhancement & providing hassle free solutions . Users can report for any policy guidelines violations ,which is a trust winner feature. The posts can be monitored & managed with ease. The automation has further strengthened the admin’s kit with options of addition, deletion & complete view for valuable insights for better service.

Why Choose Blackbud Software for TIK TOK clone Script ?

Enjoy the fun of a successful start-up launch with our tiktok clone script which has all the customization features . The high-end technology to bring a rich user experience is the key to success of a business & our enterprise applications bank on this principle of satisfaction & amalgation of key modules that has kept us on the top development pros. We have apps for android & IOS both for bigger audience targeting. The feature admin panel & back-end panel will make you the driver of a growing business. Call us or email us for a query on the tiktok look alike mobile application script today & enjoy smooth sailing . Read case studies & interesting stories on mobile app design.


The DESIGN, the USER INTERFACE , the TECHNOLOGY with video editing effects to make the tiktok clone more interactive for healthy user experience makes it more special.

Steps to Launch TikTok Clone App

Design Concept

Choose Tiktok clone app design that will suit for your business and customize it according to needs.

Integrate features

Choose the features you want to integrate into your Tiktok clone app to enable efficient services.


Launch the Tiktok clone application on the app platforms and watch your business grow.

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We have ready made project that's why our developers guarantee results in a period of just 10 days.

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