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Importance of IoT in Software Development

Internet of Things (IoT) technology might not astonish anyone like Virtual or Augmented Reality does at first glance, but its potential is more far-reaching for both consumers and businesses. 

Coupled with cloud and other technologies, IoT connects devices big and small to transform products, operations, and entire businesses.


Types of IoT Software Development Services & Solutions:

Before exploring the cases, let’s stop at the types of IoT software development and solutions for valuable context. They range in scale, complexity, and enabling hardware.


Embedded software development involves creating software that would control other machines or devices. Examples of embedded software development applications include smart hotel systems where guests can use a tablet to control room amenities; next-generation vending machines with tables; interactive displays; and smart car systems.

Firmware development for Android. IoT development solutions like a smart room tablet, vending machine, or interactive display need their own Android firmware. This allows for building a custom launcher, connecting external sensors needed for a given solution, enforcing custom security policies, porting the latest Android OS, and enabling over-the-air updates and device monitoring.

Indoor & outdoor navigation systems primarily involve beacon technology and mobile devices. Beacons are small devices that send messages via Bluetooth to mobile devices, providing navigation, contextual experiences (for example information about a location an individual just entered), as well as ads and critical notifications.

Industrial IoT solutions. This solutions allow enterprises monitor operations with sensors to gather various types of data, inform about inconsistencies and emergencies, and get a wholesome view of operations.

Enterprise IoT solutions combine different types of IoT software development and hardware in scalable IoT ecosystems.

Custom IoT solutions — solutions built from scratch for specific purposes or as a product.

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